About Us



MWC are a leading supplier of military timepieces with our principal design team based in Switzerland and distributors and representative offices in a number of other locations including North America, Germany, Japan, Australia and the UK. We manufacture watches in both Germany and Switzerland using movements and components from leading manufacturers such as ETA, Ronda, MB Microtec in Niederwangen and other leading manufacturers. We manufacture not just for the military but also for police forces, anti terrorist units, airlines, mining companies and a diverse variety of government agencies and departments. We are one of the largest specialist manufacturers of high performance military watches and produce a wide range of models either to customers specific design requirements or by tendering for contracts where quality, reliability and durability are of primary importance. Regardless of whether you are a private individual seeking a single high quality timepiece for personal use, a wholesaler or retailer of military products or a government representative, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


​Please Note:  Many of the stores, jewelers and airlines for whom we produce watches take advantage of our extensive range of OEM and Private Label services. As a guide if you wish to offer one of our models with your own brand name or logo we can supply you in quantities of 100/150 pieces and upwards depending on the particular model. For details please contact us and we can discuss the various design options such as strap, logo, movement, dial design and packaging.  



IMPORTANT: Many manufacturers of military watches suffer problems with illegal fakes. If you are in doubt about any MWC offered for sale, please send us an email or phone your nearest office. For contact details of other manufacturers of military watches, e.g, Marathon, CWC, Traser etc visit www.military-watches.net which provides contact details for several several firms as well as a useful impartial guide to the main military watch manufacturers.