Brand New - Russian Airforce MiG 29 Military Fighter Jet Cockpit Clock

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Russian MiG 29 Cockpit Clock AChS-1 (АЧC)  MIG/SU

This brand new cockpit clock was obtained from a Russian airforce pilot who visited our office in Zürich and made a part exchange for two NATO pattern chronographs and brought in one new and one used clock - this is the new one complete with it's polystyrene box. The images show the clock and the cockpit of a MIG 29 so you can see where the clock is fitted. 
This clock is a fully mechanical, wind up item. It does not need any power source to be operated. These clocks are used in MIG 29 fighter jets and other Russian Federation fighters.

The Dial is a matte Black enamel with large Luminescent numerals on the hour, surrounded by Luminescent minute/second lines, with the Chrono sub-dial at 6 o'clock and the Fight time dial at 12. The Time and Flight Time hands are Green outline with luminescent filling. The Seconds hand is White. The Chrono hands are Black with Luminescence, the minute hand with a spade tip. The Dial is marked in Russian on both sub-dials, and is embossed with "2 days" and serial number.       

These cockpit clocks were used in both current and Soviet Union Aircraft such as MiG-23, MiG-25, MiG-29 and Su-2..,strategic bombers as well as helicopters and transport planes. The clock has a dust-proof case. The glass is mineral crystal. These clocks have been designed to withstand speeds of 1800 mph (2900 km/h) and altitudes of up to 100,000 feet (30 km). These robust timepieces are built to keep time flawlessly while pulling 6G's!

The clock has two sub-dials - one (at 12 o'clock) for counting total flight time, and one (at 6 o'clock) for use as stopwatch.

The built-in 27-volt heater ensures operation even at -60°C (-75°F). The clock has a 27V electric connection at rear, for the internal heating plate which is necessary only at high altitudes. The Case has an approx Diameter of 85mm (3 3/8"), and the clock weighs approx 550g (1 1/4lbs).

It is ideal to mount the clock in wood, plastic or metal and there are lots of ways to do it and we have added a couple of images to give you a few ideas.

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